Denis Remi Liang, architecture student from Almada (Portugal), now based in Munich (Germany).

What I like about the concept of Odd Garden is the ability of adding natural elements into man-made environments in a beautiful way that doesn’t disrupt its intent but rather complements it in a very organic way.

With the majority of people being instantly connected with the world, its events and its trends, and the homogenization and merging of contemporary architecture, it is now harder to distinguish one city from another.
But just by observing the nature and landscape around us and what kind of terrain and plants exist can we have a better idea of where we are located. Nature gives us an idea of the climate, culture and people in the area. From an architects point of view, what is man-made and what is nature, but to a landscape architect, you learn to see both elements as one.

So, how much of it would we lose if we stripped the natural element away?


In this collection I present to you photos from different places in the world that I’ve gathered through the last two years.


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