karim skalli


Karim, UK

I am a photographer with a preoccupation for observational and documentation photography.
I am exploring my own identity through my relationship with spaces, objects and people.
Particularly interested in how we perceive the so-called everyday and by creating ambiguous imagery I can hope to challenge perceptions of the banal and how our lived spaces and places are formative of our identity.

I really like how Odd Garden are celebrating the beauty of nature.
By applying nature to different areas, people are more aware of it’s importance and presence and how it can be applied in artistic ways.

Nature to me is all life. We are spending less time nowadays appreciating it, we spend far too much time, myself included, on phones, on laptops and are generally isolated from nature, however it’s literally all around us, you just have to stop, look and appreciate it’s presence and beauty to understand how important it is and why it should be never overlooked.


Karim Skalli: http://www.karimskalli.com