Michael Hensley


Michael Hensley, Brooklyn (NY).

My Instagram is very specific and focused on certain kinds of work so lately I’ve been trying to expand beyond that style.
I studied documentary film so while I tend to shoot for aesthetics I’m more interested in eventually telling stories about places, locations and how people live within certain geographies.
Which might be odd considering I often find myself walking alone in uninhabited industrial areas taking photographs of storage units, train cars, construction projects, abandoned buildings and other utilitarian, open or empty spaces.
That might be why I try to travel so much and am so curious about how others live and what locations mean for the inhabitants of those places. Next year I plan to return to Japan and to India. I’d like to spend a lot of time in the Mediterranean, as I’ve only been to Portugal and Spain. China and Australia are also destinations for next year.


Michael Hensley: http://hens.ly/