Old industrial structures located out of the city, which are restructured and destined to luxury homes are by now an ever popular trend even in Milan.

This is the case of this apartment, situated in the western outskirts, in a building of red bricks to which elements of metal and wood have been added to create a definite northern european aesthetic.

In this context several green spaces where envisioned to accommodate an outdoor lifestyle. Terraces, pocket gardens and ample walkways guarantee enough space for green setups.

Odd garden, in line with the owners undiscussed requirements and taste, was able to make their green dream come true in this apartment covering two floors.

The main terrace, which faces the main courtyard of the complex, is lined with wooden floors and all the vases are in natural terracotta. The two empty sides facìng an empty space are characterised by a Rincospermum hedge which ensure a long and scented bloom and a very dense wall. The side which runs along the nearby terrace is characterised by a wooden structure that frames and supports a composition of Wisteria and Camelias.

On the terrace we also find a vine and lemon tree which bear much fruit during the favoured season, as well as a corner dedicated to dining and convivial moments.

The walkways which access both floors of the home, are lined with a variety of little aromatic perennial and seasonal shrubs, resting in an assortment of vases in a harmonious and delicate composition which becomes a focal point for visitors on arrival.