Alyx “Cigarette masks” – Antonioli Milano, Settembre 2016

ALYX “Cigarette Masks”

– Antonioli Milan, September 2016 –

During the Milan Fashion Week FW17 Alyx presented its new collection at Antonioli Milan and for the occasion it displayed “Cigarette Masks” an artwork by the Japanese artist Shin Murayama.

On an inclined point inside the store a display was created to support and frame the masks resting on the structure. Odd Garden contributed to the completion of this presentation with an installation comprising of various green plants and blooms, to underline the forms of the masks and the tones of the textiles.

The goal was to develop a composition that created movement but at the same time was perfectly in line and in harmony with the entire display. The colours of the flowers integrated perfectly with the colours of the masks ranging from black to purple, red, yellow, blue, white and green, creating curiosity and drawing one’s attention towards the crux of the event.