Second trip over the ocean, New York City a dream.

Departure as always busy, a ESTA not done and 2 huge luggage to embark.
All good !
Strangely friendly hostesses to the rescue, last on board… finally on departure!

Arrived to the JFK airport and the first sensation I felt was like being on a movie…like if everything I was living was already seen and lived, it just took me a little to feel like home.

Everyone is ready to help you with your luggage and suggestions about metro, taxi, atm and streets, the usual tourist situations.

Everyday is a race against the clock to get to see the most places and situations as possible.

15 days no stop in a city where stopping is impossible, mostly if it is your first visit and your willingness to see everything is your main objective.

Neighborhoods completely different withing eachother with a distance of 2 blocks, where you can easily go from China Town to Little Italy and so on.

10 days in Manhattan and 5 days in Brooklyn, a good mix to perceive the diversity between the heart of the Big Apple and the coolest surrounding parts.
Because its known that new neighborhoods are born with an overwhelming frequency.

I dont mind telling the wonderful things that the city has given me to the bizarre pelople I’ve encountered, but I want to emphasize the importance it shows to nature. Seems strange because everyone thinks of going into the metropolis and just see tall and gray buildings , but its not like that.

The care of the gardens, the spreaded flower beds from one neighborhood to the other and the parks are, without a doubt, of relevance.

Certainly their attention is due to the desire to preserve these “oasis” of wellness to be able to enjoy their benefits on the first spare minute during the day, in short, a way of sheltering from the city caos.

It meant a lot to me and not by accident, I decided to visit some of the oldest and most famous New York gardens.

With the first rays of sun on the horizon, I then decide to set as main goal the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, considered by The New York Times as the most important “nature” attraction in NY.

Located at Prospect Park and free on Tuesdays, its a mandatory stop for those who want to regenerate.

There are a large amount of plants in the garden and on any season that you visit it you can find flowering plants, founded on 1910 by the department of Arts and Science of the University of Brooklyn, this surely represents one of the most talked about attractions for all green spaces lovers.

From the Japanese garden, to the Bonsai Museum up to the Roses Garden and the various greenhouses containing plants and flowers of any species, the whole “park” is well kept and structured to perfection.
An explosion of green, a real open-sky museum.

My attention focuses on a particular greenhouse, the one dedicated to the tropial plants. Once the moisture anxiety is overcomed, its very easy to stay abducted by the beauty and the botanical selection that lives in this dome.

Every plant has a little sign with the main indications of the name and origin. A great starting point for the gardening enthusiast like us.

Suggestion: dont get intimidated by the first feeling of oppression that the city center can emit, but be kidnapped by the green spaces that New York hides. Enjoy yourself!


Words and images by Erika