– ODDGARDEN STUDIO | Short movie “Keep The Slick Beat”, March 2017 –

Odd Garden’s studio was transformed into a real and true jungle to host with the right emphasis the collaboration between SoapOpera Fanzine, Independent Webzine in Milan and the brand Fantabody.

These two entities decided to come together and create an ad hoc video, shot by Michele Foti, for the launch of the new leotard of the brand inspired by the world of reptiles.

On Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th of March, the showcase exhibited this limited edition leotard by Fantabody through the creation of a true Temporary Shop to allow for a special preview exhibition and sale. The closure of the event saw the presentation of a short film KEEP THE SLICK BEAT followed by DJ set by INCISO.

The entire concept was aimed at welcoming the guests to an intimate environment and at the same time enhancing the idea of SoapOpera, rendering it as concrete as possible.

Next to Kenzie, Banana Trees, Cycads and Philodendrons intermittent images appeared manifesting clips of the video in a display which was framed by the collection itself as well as a small snake in a glass case, to remain in theme with the event.

With this successful event, Odd Garden opened its horizons to new and creative initiatives towards the development of interesting unions with the green theme.



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