Launch World Chocolate Masters

– Bou-tek Milan, September 2016 –

The World Chocolate Masters represents the highest level of competition dedicated to chocolate, that is the most prestigious role to which a chocolatier can attain.

Odd Garden was contacted by Cacao Barry, the exclusive chocolate brand that represents the competition, with the mandate to create a space at the Bou-Tek in Via M. Gonzaga 7 with a set up of selected and thriving plants to provide light and welcome the hosts to a warm environment, reserved for the launch of the next World of Chocolate Masters.

Along the windows of this open space various bay leaf / laurel plants, bamboo, photinia, mahonia and many other plants were displayed as a visual divider. The entire composition was studied to the finest detail whilst creating specific structures of wooden vase covers elaborated and marked with personalized stancils.

The shelving of the bar was enriched with Pathos plants placed in colourful vases to be incorporated with the couches in the welcome lounge area and to create a visual wave movement. Whilst in the product display area, in a very informal manner, short Pitosforo plants were placed in black vases to frame the display and give it importance.

It was an honour for us at Odd Garden to be able to participate in this event, being able to combine the sense of taste with our visual touch and thereby enhancing the true origins of these high class, culinary products.