Maison Olivia #weddingvictims

– Maison Olivia Milano, November 2016 –

Maison Olivia, in honour of the launch of the new bridal collection, in collaboration with

Wedding Planner Kitchen Victim and The MakeUp Artist Alioscia Mussi, at the event #weddingvictims.

A few influencers were invited and during the evening they took part in a journey aimed at giving small and vain pleasures related to that “big day” Olivia Ghezzi Perego involved us in the occasion to add a touch of green to the event, inserting tall and thriving Kenzia plants to the set up.

Odd Garden decided to give a small, hand painted vase with an Aloe sprout to each guest, symbolizing a thriving and healthy start.

The Aloe is in fact an extremely strong and adaptable plant, with a peculiar aspect; meaty leaves containing a gel that is extremely beneficial to the human body, enclosed on its inside. This small gesture was intended to be a well-wisher of health and prosperity in an essential moment for the growth of the family.