The famous Italian label Loro Piana chose one of the corners od paradise in the heart of Milan to present their last collection.

The garden of Palazzo Borromeo, one of the most beautiful green corners between the majestic palazzos of the Quadrilatero della Moda, hosted the brand’s press day, inaugurating the autumn season amongst secular trees and rose gardens.

The elegant clothes with distinguish the Italian label were exhibited in a gazebo especially created for the occasion in the middle of the park. From the middle of the structure one could admire the blue skies with reigned over the entire week thanks to an opening with framed the exhibition below.

For this window on the sky, Odd Garden developed an installation creating a green crown with that wed the warm autumn colors of the surrounding nature.

The September climate in Milan salute the luxurious green by welcoming plants of a more pastel and sweet tone. For this reason our choice fell on Ivy in all its variations. The imposing nature of this plant at the beginning of the autumn season created harmony between the pieces of the collection, structure and garden.

Inspired by the Waterfall House of Lloyd Wright, immersed in the context of tall hemiboreal trees typical of temperate climates, the structure was framed by colours that wouldn’t make the composition monotonous: the rhythm of the lengths, colours, lines and foliage variations gave volume and movement to the installation, allowing the poetry of the structure to meet the rigor of the surrounding garden.