– Negri Firman, November 2016 – 

In honour of the last Press Day, Coin recreated a homely environment at the Negri Firman area in Via Stedhal 36, where they welcomed journalists and showcased interior design and accessories from the last collection.

Odd Garden selected and displayed the plants in such a manner that it was even more welcoming and comfortable. To welcome the visitors already from the outside, Musa (banana) and Cicas plants were displayed, elements that were then replicated on the inside surrounded by a rich selection of tropical plants one of which was the Filodendro a species of Kenzia.

Certainly, the focal point of the installation was the arrangement of six Musa of varying dimensions along the glass-cement partitioning which defined a side of the open space. The large leaves created a tent effect which was amplified by the light which passed through the semitransparent partitioning. The play on colours and shadows gave movement and dynamism to the composition emphasizing the green shades that were created.