For the opening of Tom, we took some of the existing plants and vases in the location and amplified the atmosphere. Following the client brief, we amalgamated new elements with those already in place.

Hanging baskets holding a variety of plants were added, positioned at different levels to complement the shape and attitude of the plants, created a play between light and shadow that both interacted with and softened the effect of the neon lights within.

On the ground, we took fat plants and succulents, which already lived in the space, and created a symmetrical configuration: a pattern of order dotted with irregularities. Finally, we repurposed other fat plants and succulents and displayed them on the shelves in a more structured, defined order.

The concept comes from a desire to use the general image of the locale, topped off with the right balance of diverse elements, forms, and colors; a deliberate mismatch, calibrated to create a pleasantly curious experience for the visitor.


Tom. , Molino delle Armi angolo Via della Chiusa, Milano
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