“WISTERIA AUTOGENA” is an art work by Giorgio Bartocci and Matteo Foschi, with was on show at the Odd garden studio, in Via Arquà 16, during Milan Design Week 2018.

The installation combines the common background of the two artists, a street artist the former and garden designer the latter.

The natural rough matter, the big trunk of a Wisteria suspended by chains, blend into the wooden sculptures with define and contain them, enhancing the concept of metro botanical art, a mix of artistic and plant elements in continuous contrast and dialogue.

The constant mutation of the elements, and growth of the plants supersedes the unanimated elements with deteriore little by little, making time that passes by.

The Artists:

Giorgio Bartocci is famous for his big scale mural wall work on buildings where, in an almost primal manner, various facets of reality are expressed.

Matteo Foschi is the founder of Odd Garden and is a garden designer who has always been tied to the world of urban art, from which he draws inspiration for his realization of arrangements and composition.