ZamundaREBELS #9 w/ SANGO

– ZamundaREBELS #9 w/ SANGO – ITCO TOUR Milan Fashion Week | Rocket, February 2017 –

One of the fundamentals of Odd Garden is its choice to obtain inspiration from the arts and various disciplines from around the world. And both gardening and music have always been major sources of this inspiration.
It was therefore an honour and a privilege to be able to collaborate with Akeem of Zamunda and create a vegetal setup at Rocket Club, framing the consoles during the Sango exhibition, one of Odd Gardens favourite musicians and always “on air” at the Odd Garden Studio. The Seattle artist unites hip hop and jazz sounds with Brazilian music, mixing everything to create an eclectic sound which is soft and strong at the same time.

The installation was made up of tropical plants of various dimensions and presence which created a small, dense jungle underlined by the placement of neon lights created by Andrea Arianese. The set up in its entirety was designed to portray the importance of multidisciplinary aesthetic choices, just like the work of elements which are different to each other but which create a balanced and efficient composition.


Ph. Silvia Pisani