Anna Hahoutoff, Arizona ( USA )

I’ve always been attracted to nature but it remained for a long time, contemplative and timid. As soon as I discovered American landscapes, contact to nature become more an urge to me and it evolved in a new form of oxygen, a constant necessity. Constantly amazed at nature as I would be at first sight, it is now my main source of inspiration, influence and environment. Everything in nature appeals to me and I find myself restlessly discovering new landscapes, new aspects always more amazing and inspiring.

In “Americana”, my largest project so far, I have spent time photographing and documenting the differences as well as the similarities between each and every American state.  Far from the ubiquitous American road-trip diary, my work aims to explore an often neglected aspect of the American landscape that is nature. Playing on repetition, thus suggesting and illustrating my own pace in each state, I am looking at textures, shapes, colors, I am talking about matters of spiritual nature, hoping to eventually lift the veil on the mysteries of Native American culture. I put together series of photographs and document my time meticulously. The recurrence and mirroring of themes aspire to set a certain rhythm in motion to the photographic works, following my own odyssey, scenic and vibrant alike.

Odd Garden illustrates to me, the will to involve nature and natural elements in everyday and everything. It aims at creating an immersion beyond the visual and bring a natural life in new places, all the way until a digital platform. It highlights the fact that access to nature is not a luxury but a need.

Anna Hahoutoff: