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Jo Kalinowski, Melbourne (Australia).

I originally lived in London and then came to Melbourne, Australia.
Five years ago I moved to rural Victoria, Australia.

I am a self taught photographer.

Whilst living in cities, I found myself drawn towards architecture, with a minimalistic eye searching for light, shadows, colours, lines and patterns

Now living in rural Victoria I have been inspired by nature, its forms and its natural, calming beauty.

Urban and rural living has created two inspiring world’s for me.
I find myself these days exploring urban environments, looking for the connection between nature and different forms of architecture, fascinated by how the two interact with each other.
These form an image that I can capture with my camera, to express this relationship from a minimalistic view.

Odd garden is a fabulous project that combines my two worlds. Expressing the beauty from both, rural and urban; bringing them together for others to experience and enjoy.


Jo Kalinowski: