Steve Léon Brown, 29. Brighton & London

Odd Garden speaks to me visually through the combination of creative expression and nature; as it is the natural world which benefits and enriches our every day, thus grounding our own absolute dependence, physically and emotionally, on this too often overlooked aspect to the balance of life.

Nature to me is creativity & serenity. it makes a prominent appearance in my work and it’s calming atmosphere encourages my creativity. I believe there would more sympathy in the world if we all made time to appreciate its forgiving innocence and witness it’s cycles.

Journey is how I would best describe my work, using my bicycle for movement  & my camera to document; I aim to combine the physical challenge of travelling under my own physical effort & the slower nature of long distance travel to create narratives evolving from my experiences on the way, freeing myself from preconceived ideas of what a journey might look like; I open myself to the spontaneity of what it means to travel, and attempt to capture this perspective through my lens.


Steve Léon Brown: http://www.steveleonbrown.com/  //  https://www.instagram.com/steveleonbrown/