Rossella Jardini _2


Odd Garden collaborated with the Rossella Jardini SS18 collection at Les Gitanes Bristrot di via Tortona, Milan.

The collection centers around very classic lines, contrasted by bold and colorful graphics that reference vaporous hairstyles.
Plant compositions of various peculiar attitudes and shades of green complemented collection’s artistic vision.

At the entarance of Bistrot, an arrangement of intensely green Cycas — very British in their classic aloofness — stands in full contrast against the lightness of both formality and tone of the Asparagus.
A column of Pothos launches the composition upward, giving an all-over shimmer, its heart-shaped leaves seeming to point the way to the visitor.

Interior shelving serves as a support for the photo backdrop setup.
Light Asparagus tufts alternate with the scalloped rhythms of the Cissus and the more sober presence of Ferns, creating an interplay of tonalities and represent different interpretations of the same feel.

Finally, Large Kensie add definition to the interior spaces and lend a classic, seasonless simplicity to the environment.