About us

Established in Milan in 2014, Odd Garden is a studio which manages the planning, design and creation of green spaces and gardens. Offering a specific consultation to our clients we are able to find tailor-made solutions for every need.

From gardens to terraces, from private to public spaces, from a green partition to a temporary installation, Odd Garden with its minimalist approach and its continuous research enriched by experience, travel, curiosity and studies delves into the detail of every single situation and becomes in sync with the client.

The designers and gardeners at Odd Garden are continuously inspired and influenced by the world of architecture, landscaping, art, fashion, photography and tattooing all which contribute to the creation of new and innovative projects.

Taken into consideration are the canonical compositions and the theory of colours coupled with a construction industry know-how and a profound understanding of the vegetation elements and the material utilized to create a framework for every single project. In this way we ensure that each production is effective and coherent with the art of gardening and the needs of the plants.

The objective of Odd Garden is the creation of green spaces that satisfy the single need, offering specific and exclusive solutions, with a style that is never excessive but rather characteristic and recognizable, creating something that is perceived and appreciated via all the senses and not just the eyes.


Odd Garden is a studio focusing on:
– Counselling
   – Project Services (planning & design) for tailor-made solutions of:
   – Green set up
   – Store plant identity
– Realisation of:
   – green spaces (business and private – temporary and permanent)
   – green artworks (artistic installations and scenography)
-Maintenance of own installations