Green design and realisation of Edoardo Tresoldi’s artwork ‘Gharfa’ realised on the occasion of Riyad Season 2019 – Riyad (KSA). At the centre of “Diriyah Oasis” stand two towers up to 26 metres high made of wire mesh and cork, inside one of which, a number of green elements were inserted. Specifically, three vertical green walls were designed and built with plants resistant to the extreme temperatures usual in Saudi Arabia. Some herbaceous plants such as Pennisetum and Cympobogon were selected in order to create a refreshing and welcoming environment inside the structure to give visitors an immersive and regenerating break.


Novembre./Dicembre 2019


Design and realisation of green outdoor work 'Gharfa Pavilion' in collaboration with artist Edoardo Tresoldi


“Diriyah Season”,Ryiadh, Saudi Arabia